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Publication - The Gentle Art of Applied Press(...)
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Other Countries: $32.5 21.5 x 23 cm (8.5 x 9”), paperback, 44 pp. 2004
ISBN: 0-662-36161-X
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The Gentle Art of Applied Pressure

Robert Barclay, Carole Dignard and Carl Schlichting

Conservation treatments often involve setting parts of an object in position and applying pressure to them in a gentle and controlled manner. The clamping solutions that have been devised for this purpose are as varied as the practitioners themselves. Yet the art of applying pressure still remains a relatively unexplored topic in the conservation literature. This publication addresses the subject with numerous examples of pressure application devices and procedures drawn from the wide experience of the authors and their colleagues in the museum profession. Illustrated with 81 line drawings and photographs, this book will be a useful resource for anyone undertaking conservation treatments that require joining things together or reshaping them.